DragonVale All Eggs [Exclusive Frostfire Dragon]

One of the latest epic dragon also known as the Frostfire dragon was born in the egg chart.
Many of you asked me why is there a ghost dragon in the egg chart? Is it a rumor/fake new?
Well, I’ve decided to keep the unique ghost egg even if it is just a rumor going on in the DragonVale world. Nothing is impossible! Have a great day hatching =)

DragonVale Latest Iceberg Dragon

DragonVale New Updates for 2012

DragonVale version 1.4.0

Expand your dragon park empire with three new islands! Remember back in 2010 when you didn’t own even ONE dragon park island? Now in 2012, you can get up to seven. There’s no telling what the future may hold.

Level up in 2012! Our most advanced players reached level 25 in 2011, which was previously the highest level. There are five new player levels now, so you can work your way up to 30.

With the shinny new Gold Shrines, you can increase your dragons’ level from 10 to 20. That’s a 100% increase in dragon level awesomeness for 2012.

The dragon living quarters were getting a little cramped towards the end of 2011. In 2012, you can add ten more habitats to your park for a maximum of 28.

Your dragons’ New Years resolutions don’t include weight loss. Feed them more dragon snacks with the help of three more farms. You can now have up to eleven farms total.

Get yourself one of the new Gem Trees for 2012, which let you gift not just 3, but 6 gems to friends each and every day.

Well, there’s no new dragons on this patch but at least the capacity of habitats and buildings has increased.  4th island was born on DragonVale! And of course the snow effect has been taken away! Back to the green land. Here are some of the screenshots taken after the update, cheers =)

DragonVale’s 48hours

Greetings all! Here’s the evidence for having a 48hours with Scorch and Storm Dragons. In fact, this is my 4th time having a 48hours egg ever since I play DragonVale. It’s rather exciting to see what is in the egg! Moon/Sun/Rainbow dragon? Well, like the previous posts I had on breeding a Moon/Sun/Rainbow dragon. I’m sharing this base on my experience, however, there are still alot of breeding ways for Moon/Sun/Rainbow dragon! Happy hatching all and a happy new year!

How to breed a Moon, Sun or Rainbow dragon in DragonVale?

I woke up this morning with another surprise! Thanks to Scorch and Storm dragons! This is my second time since the last 48hours Moon dragon hatched. You will see tips on how to get a Moon, Sun or a Rainbow dragon in my previous post. Cheers

How to get a Moon, Sun or Rainbow dragon in Dragonvale?

It seems like there’s quite a number of breeding combinations spreading all
around the internet. Now here’s one of the confirmed breeding combination that I’ve been using all along for getting Moon, Sun or Rainbow dragons. Using Scorch and Storm dragons over and over again until you get an incubation of 48hours surprise. It’s either a Moon, Sun or Rainbow dragon! Don’t give up trying and happy hatching.

*Note: Other types of breeding combinations are possible.
This is base on my experience with the game.

Some actual breeding screenshots in game

Christmas with DragonVale this Winter

Greetings to all DragonVale lovers, especially those who visit
here often. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Hurry up and hatch your Reindeer Dragons.

Breeding Tips For Reindeer Dragon:
Snow Dragon and Plant Dragon
Incubation Time: 5 hours
Cost: 100gems

“These hybrid dragons come from the Far North and can only be bred near the end of the year. Centuries ago, the magical toymaker Sandakioz journeyed north to study these rare creatures. He never returned from his journey, but every year since, during the month when reindeers dragons can be bred, children wake up one day to find magical toys in boxes bearing the
old mage’s signature.”

DragonVale All Dragon Eggs Updates [Latest Reindeer Dragon]

Latest updates by Backflip Studio
-New Snow Environment
-New dragon, the Reindeer Dragon for Christmas
-New Epic Breeding Island [Cost 125 gems]
-Added Plant, Fire and Earth Shrine
-Added Large Treat Farm
And of cause not to forget the new updated DragonVale All Eggs [Latest Reindeer Dragon]
You can grab your Reindeer Dragon by breeding Cold Dragon and Plant Dragon or alternatively buy at 100 gems.

DragonVale All Dragon Eggs Chart With Moon and Sun dragon

The Official Page For DragonVale All Eggs by ForestFly
Facebook Updates “DragonVale All Eggs”

Thanks you guys for the support. As requested by most of you,
I have applied the Moon and Sun dragons into the DragonVale All Eggs Chart.
I will continue to post updates on DragonVale as well as keeping the dragon chart up-to-date!
Remember to subscribe to www.youtube.com/hom3fix3r. Sharing is caring! Cheers =)

DragonVale Bone Dragon Gone!

Exclusive bone dragons are gone! They appeared for a couple of weeks in DragonVale during the Halloween season this year. I believe most of the players have own at least a bone dragon since the release but for those newbies will have to try better luck next year’s Halloween. Awww that’s long!

Bone Dragon
Rate: 61/Min+
Habitats: Fire, Earth
Incubation Time: 10 Hours

“Bone dragons can only be  found for a couple weeks during the year. The rest of the year it is believed that they burrow underground near cemeteries to be around other bones. But I bet if you breed one and put it in a habitat with other bones, it would stick around. Or perhaps near a heat source to keep away the bone-chilling winter cold?”


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